Martial Arts have been proven to assist in healing the physical, mental and spiritual losses caused by PTSD, traumatic brain injury, physical injury recovery and many other issues - in all walks of life.


The short and long term benefits are learned through the physical practice of traditional kata (forms), upper and lower body movement, breathing, decision making, balance, distance, timing and the evaluation process of when to passively or actively defend one's self.


Non-Military “Buddies” can attend class if sponsored by a Veteran in the program. Cost is a minimum donation of $50 per month. This enables Veterans to practice outside of V-MAT with a trusted partner or friend.


Shihan Scott Lombardo, 6th Dan Isshinryu Karate - Founder, Instructor, Trustee

Scott is the grandson of a WWI Veteran and son of a WWII Veteran, so patriotism is part of family history. As a cancer survivor who was given less than 10% chance of survival, he is acutely aware of the benefits Martial Arts have in everyday life, and is qualified to teach the life balance they offer - from real life experience and perspective.

Scott spent years redesigning the Isshinryu Karate system in order to offer Martial Arts instruction to amputee students, with and without prosthetics, wheelchair bound, as well as those with any traumatic injury or experience.

Scott’s philosophy is that the most valuable thing you can do for Martial Arts is to "give back to the Art what you gained from it.” Martial Arts gave Scott the will and opportunity to live, thrive and give back to the community. He founded V-MAT with the long term goal of assisting our Veterans, Reserves & Active Military personnel accomplish physical, mental, and spiritual balance in their every day lives.

Shihan William Miller, 6th Dan Isshinryu Karate - Instructor

As a US Army Veteran and Instructor on the V-MAT team, Bill enjoys sharing his time and experience with all who are interested in a journey through the Art that he loves. Bill finds value in all aspects of training. Kata (Forms), as it relates to practical applications and self defense, is one of his favorite pursuits.

Master Miller began studying the Martial Arts in 1972 and has always enjoyed it's way of focusing the mind, body and spirit. Over these years he has had the opportunity to study under, and with many excellent practitioners. These experiences from different Arts and organizations have helped Bill translate the commonality between them all. The considerable portion of his training has been in the Art of Isshinryu Karate, which he started in 1972 and still pursues today.

Training hard, smart and consistently is the key to growth - and the art of sweating can never be overemphasized!

Sensei Nancy Miller, 1st Dan Isshinryu Karate - Instructor

Nancy Miller is a devoted educator and coach, with a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a graduate certificate in adaptive physical education. In 2013, she was awarded the New Hampshire Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award from NHAHPERD.

Nancy is a contributing author to many articles and a book on teaching Physical Education for Children with Moderate to Severe Disabilities. She has presented inclusive physical education teaching practices at conferences both on the State and National SHAPE (Society of Health and Physical Education) level. Nancy adapts the same teaching methods in Martial Arts to include focus on adapting techniques to each person’s abilities.

Nancy continues to enjoy her ongoing journey in the Martial Arts, which began in 1982. As a V-MAT instructor, she is rewarded by sharing her art, and seeing each student grow in their abilities and confidence. 

Soke Ernie Temple, Posthumous

Grand Master Ernie Temple held the 10th Degree Black Belt leading the Don Nagle Family of Isshinryu Black Belts. Grand Master Temple celebrated 50 years in the martial arts in 2015. He began his martial arts training in 1965, and had taught literally thousands of students over the past 5 decades.

He was a five-time New Jersey AAU and USAKF Senior State Champion in fighting, weapons and kata. His Dojo was recognized by many as the home for excellence in teaching both children and adult classes.

Grand Master Temple was a Veteran, and had taught hand-to-hand combat to Marine and Naval Officers in Philadelphia, Yokosuka, Japan and Camp Courtney, Okinawa.

Mr. Temple passed away in February of 2016.


What Your Donations Do

$50 -    provides a quality karate uniform for one Veteran
$100 -  provides one Veteran a lifetime of training materials
$250 -  provides training once per month for an active or reserve military unit
$1000 -  provides rent for one month
$1500 - provides our organization's annual insurance

All donations, Private, Corporate or Recurring are Tax Deductible. Donate through Paypal

Paypal also accepts all types of credit cards, or via check through the address below;

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